Mute swans are mostly all white birds their body is white their wings are white their neck is mostly white but the higher part of the swans neck is brownish yellow their beak is orange and black but the younger mute swans they have a brown and white body and a brown and white neck the underpart of their wings are brown and white and the top part of the wings are also brown and white. Mute swans main food is aquatic plants but they also eat frogs, insects, fish and mollusks. Mute swans live by lakes, slow rivers and ponds they mainly nest on the ground on small islands on lakes and ponds and on banks. mute swans have very few predators but are eaten by wolves and eagles their eggs and hatchlings are eaten by hawks, foxes, raccoons and skunks. Mute swans have a wingspan of up to about 4 feet 60 inches.